First Post!!!! 50 Random Facts About Me

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So my first blog post on ‘Mikayla ♥s’! Eeeeekkkkk! In case you haven’t noticed I just a tad excited….. who am I kidding?! I am soooooo over the top excited!!!!!!! So I was thinking what should I do for my first post and then I was like “why don’t I do a ‘50 random facts about me’ post?” Ya know to break the ice……

 1. I’m the oldest of 5 girls
2. If I was a boy my parents would’ve named me Rainier
3. I love a good western novel
4. I love musicals
5. When I grow up I wanna be either a ‘cow girl’ or a ‘mermaid’ OR maybe could be both!
6. I have an odd fascination with unicorns
7. Chocolate is my favorite, FAVORITE
8. I love braiding hair (tutorials to come soon)
9. Christmas is my favorite holiday
10. I love horse movies
11. I want a pet cow really, REALLY bad
12. Singing is my favoritest favorite
13. Autumn is my favorite season
14. I’m a sucker for tenors singing sappy songs in perfect harmony
15. I love putting chapstick on (weird, right??)
16. The colors pink, purple and turquoise are forever battling to be my favorite color
17. ‘Anthem Lights’ is my favorite band
18. I really like country music
19. I’m a little nerdy (shhhh don’t tell anyone though)
20. My favorite summer drink is a iced green tea
21. I love maxi skirts/dresses
22. I love bundling up
23. I’m a daddy’s girl
24. I hope to one day pet an Alpaca
25. Cherry blossoms is my favorite thing about spring
26. I have a peanut allergy
27. I knit
28. Math is NOT my cup of tea
29. Chai tea is my favorite tea
30. I like hearts (hence my blog name)
31. The yellow Skittles are my favorite
 32. I hate artificial cherry flavor
33. I love sandy beaches
34. I love shopping
35. I have a cat named Hunter who thinks he’s part dog?!
36. I have a hard time wearing bracelets (????)
37. My imagination is over the top out of control ;)
38. Like to wear bright colors when I work out
39. History is my favorite subject
40. I love my NW
41. I love everything fuzzy
42. I love Hardware stores, they have everything!
43. I love days at the pool
44. I’m a country girl at heart
45. I love butterflies
46. Old ladies crack me up (why?? I don’t know, they just do…..a good crack me up though)
47. I love movie night
48. I’ve never ever been to school (FYI, I’m homeschooled)
49. I love going barefoot!
50. Jesus is my bestest best friend forever and ever and ever ♥

HA! I did it! Now enough about me :) What would you like to see here on the “Mikayla ♥s” blog?

Much love,



  1. Um...Well how about you post some of your fashion designs? there the best!

    1. I'm planning on getting a 'look book' up soon! Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. Replies
    1. Do you have a special type of recipe you would want me to share?


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